Smart Valve Positioner 300 Series

Smart Valve Positioner 300 Series Models AVP300/AVP301/AVP302 are current-pneumatic smart valve positioners. The 300 Series receives a DC signal from control devices and controls pneumatic valves. In addition to this basic function, the 300 Series has communication capabilities, an automatic configuration program, and self-diagnostics functions that will greatly increase productivity and the efficiency of plant operation.

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Features of Smart Valve Positioner 300 Series


  • One-step auto-calibration – one-step activation with external switch
  • Fits most valves including Fisher 657/667, Flowserve Mark 1, Namur rotary valves, etc.
  • Easy installation & easy tech training
  • Robust & reliable
  • Compact, rugged, and lightweight


Specifications of Smart Valve Positioner 300 Series

Brand Name Azbil
Product Name Valve Positioner
Model Name Azbil AVP302
Tempreature -40ºC~60ºC
Supply Pressure 140-700kPa
Input Siganl 4-20mA
Proof Ex d IIc T6
Water Proof IP66