DC Current Shunt

Sell-best offers a full line of DC Current Shunts from 50~100mV outputs to safely drive a moving coi instrument, overload protection, or other control device. Various sizes, configurations, and mounting styles are available. The DC ammeter shunts which are in conjunction with an ammeter are accurate to class 0.5 and are suitable for all DC current monitoring applications. The DC current shunt is available to measure currents from 0.1A up to 10000A. The material of the DC shunt resistor is manganin. Application of DC shunts: combined usage with DC panel meters according to rated voltage drop without adjustment.

Our current shunts are from a famous china manufacturer with nearly 30 years of production experience So the DC shunts are of high quality and good appearance. There are many different types of current shunts, please contact us if any requirements to get the best factory price.

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