1000A DC Current Shunt 60mV 100mV

This component is designed to be used in DC current panel meters, capable of handling currents up to 1000A, and it provides a voltage drop of either 60mV or 100mV.

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Features of 1000A DC Current Shunt 60mV 100mV

  • Achieving a high degree of precision
  • Demonstrating excellent resilience under heavy workloads
  • Adapting to changes in temperature without compromising stability

Applications of 1000A DC Current Shunt 60mV 100mV

  • Frequently employed in the management of extensive HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems.
  • Utilized for regulating lighting systems to enable on/off functionality.
  • Applied to supervise compressor operations within refrigeration systems.
  • In motor management, it facilitates standard start-stop operations and allows for reverse functionality.
  • Employed in power capacitor banks to govern the engagement and disengagement of capacitors.
  • Incorporated into the automation control of industrial production lines to enhance efficiency and productivity.


Specification of 1000A DC Current Shunt 60mV 100mV

Color Red Or Yellow
Current Rating 1000A

(5A-10000A can be customized)

Operating Temperature -40°C ~+60°C
Voltage Drop 50mV/60mV/75mV/100mV


Accuracy Class 0.5/0.2(Customized 0.1)
Material Brass OR Copper+Manganin
Overload Capacity 120% Of Rated Current For 2H
Function Are Used To Multiply

The Measuring Range

Of Current Of Measuring


Application Use For DC Digital Amp Meter