DC Energy Meter

Our DC Energy Meter can monitor and measure Bi-Directional Voltage and Current, Power, Forward and reverse electric energy, etc. The installation methods of the instrument include wall-mounted, embedded, and rail-mounted. The current wiring method of the instrument is DC shunt and Hall effect sensor.

These DC meters is widely used in DC panel, charging pile and telecom base stations, Net metering, solar PV, solar panels, solar system, and wind turbine power generation, transportation systems, cellular communication towers, power distribution systems, IT networks, inverter, dc ac distribution cabinet, transformer, and transmission tower.

Sell-Best, as an professional DC energy meter manufacture in China, can offer comprehensive types of DC Energy meters such as single phase DC energy meters, three phase DC energy meter, multi-cicuit DC energy meter, multifunction DC Energy meter, Solar DC enegy meter, LCD DC energy meter, and RS48 DC Power meter and so on. To know more about our DC energy meters, please contact us now.

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Why Choose Sell-Best As Your DC Energy Meter Supplier?

Sell-Best is one of the DC energy meter distributors or suppliers in China, offering DC energy meters for various application types, ranging from solar systems to buildings. Our powerful data collection and processing, High security, and good reliability DC energy meters are available for Monitoring the current and power consumption of DC equipment. We also accept customization to the size, external shape, and functions required by customers.

We focus on solutions for DC energy meters, and we cooperate with famous DC energy meter suppliers and manufacturers. Our partners are involved in the business and technology development of DC energy meter product processing and production. We develop and design solutions to improve the performance of DC energy meters technically and economically. Sell-Best has our R&D center too. We also provide solutions for multifunction meter, multi channel power meter, Synchroscope Meter and so on.

  • High-quality production: Sell-Best has always been a team of professional quality engineers who conduct strict inspections on our DC Energy meter suppliers’ products. The qualified rate for DC Energy meters from our partner must reach more than 95%. Some partners’ product accuracy class is 0.2s. You don’t have to worry about receiving low-quality products because quality is the Sell-Best’s life.
  • Customized DC power meter service: 95% of our partners support customized service to meet your specifications.
  • The true ex-factory price: All our partners have a factory and even more than 2 factories. Thus, we have strong internal manufacturing capabilities to control all cost consumption. From raw materials to transportation, all steps are under our control. 10 Years of manufacturing network construction can obtain real quotations from the factory. Moreover, we can get the lowest factory price from our partners who are DC energy meter manufacturers or suppliers.
  • On-time delivery: Sell-Best has many partners so we can help our customers reduce production time according to the production cycle required by customers.
  • Exporting IEC standards DC energy meters are our partner’s specialty. All our partner’s products have IEC or other certificates.

Regardless of your demand, we will provide specific high-quality DC energy meters that suit your needs. Whether it is aesthetic changes or excellent functions, we will provide you with a precise DC energy meter! Contact us now to learn more about DC Energy Meters.

As a professional DC meter distributor, we can provide various DC meter solutions for industrial uses or other uses. The real pictures of our DC energy meter partners’ factory are shown in the following:

DC energy meter manufacturing factory display

Applications of DC Energy Meter

Our DC energy meters are widely used in the following conditions:

  • Solar photovoltaic & UPS systems
  • Meter box& building
  • DC Energy Management Systems
  • Power Distribution Systems and Power Distribution Room
  • Renewable Energy
  • Industrial DC Control System
  • Metallurgy and electroplating Industries
  • Light Rail Transit Systems
  • Electric Vehicle Charging, Data Centers
  • Cellular Tower Monitoring & telecommunications base stations

  • DC energy meter applications

    Benefits of DC Energy Meter

    DC Energy Meter with more benefits than other energy meter, including:

    1.RS485 interface: Most DC meters support MODBUS-RTU communication protocol, which can upload the collected data and device status.

    2.High safety and good reliability: Most DC Power meters adopt a variety of anti-interference measures and can operate stably in the power system environment. Some panel protection level is IP54, and some shell protection level is IP20.

    3.Small size & easy to install: You can choose 35mm din rail mounting or panel mounting so the wiring is Convenient and flexible.

    4.Multiple choice for DC Energy meter:You can choose one circuit, multi-circuit, and so on.

    5.LCD Display optional: you can read data and parameters easily.

    6.Real-time monitoring of multiple data & parameters.