EDC 2450H Elmeasure DC Energy Meter

Elmeasure DC Energy Meter is Smart DC Metering for Renewable Energy Sources, Elmeasure EDC 2450H, 100A, Four Channel DC Energy Meter with Hall Effect.

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Feature of EDC 2450H DC Energy Meters

  • Multiple channels can be measured by a single meter, EN2450N & EN2450D
  • Differential current input for all the current channels
  • Programmable shunt secondary 50mV to 100mV
  • Programmable CT Primary for all channels up to 200A – for Hall Effect CT
  • Data logging for parameters such as Energy, Load hours and Ampere hours
  • Easy installation, Compact size, weight and simple wiring
  • Simultaneous sampling of Volts and Amps
  • Bidirectional current measurement to study charging and discharging
  • EDC 2150 displays Voltage, Current, Watts & Energy for 1 channel, EDC 2450 displays Voltage for 1 channel, Current, Watts & Energy for 4-channel
  • Differential current input for all the current channels- Interchannel interference is avoided
  • Auxiliary Supply: 15 – 60V DC
  • Current full scale programmable independently
  • Two variant like shunt and hall effect

Applications of EDC 2450H DC Energy Meters

  • Renewable energy systems such as solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays, wind turbines, & electric vehicle (EV)
  • Telecommunication & Data centres
  • DC Energy Management Systems
  • Transportation
  • Industrial Applications

Applicable Standards of EDC 2450H DC Energy Meters

  • DIN 40050, EN 60529: Degrees of protection provided by enclosure for electrical equipment against ingress of solid foreign objects.
  • IS 12784: Electrical measuring transducers for converting AC electrical quantities into DC electrical quantities.

Specification of EDC 2450H – DC Energy Meters

Phase Single
Brand Elmeasure
Model Name/Number EDC 2450
Voltage 240
Usage/Application Telecommunication And Data centres
Version Of Communication Modbus RTU Protocol
Interface Module Slot 2
Current 1 A
Type Digital
Weight 300g
Dimension 96 x 96 x 57mm
Display 1 Row 7 Digit LCD
DIN-Rail Mount 90 x 90 x 67mm
Ingress Protection IP 51
Screw M3
Torque 1 N-m
Minimum Order Quantity 4 Piece