AC Contactor

We provide original China manufacturer AC contactors from most brands, including Schneider, Siemens, etc. You can find a range of 1-pole, 2-pole, 3-pole, or 4-pole AC contactors, with rated current from 9 amps to 630 amps for optional. All AC contactors from sell-best are magnetic contactors with high quality and low price, long life, simple operation, small size, and high safety. Please rest assured that wholesale bulk cheap AC contactors and choose the right magnetic AC contactor for your specific needs. For discount information, contact us now.

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About Sell-Best AC Contactor manufacturer

Sell-Best is a professional China AC contactor distributor with 10+ years of experience. We cooperate with our partners who are AC contactor manufacturers and offer a one-stop AC Contactor service and customized service for our customers. We request that all our partners strictly control all details of every process of our AC contactor. From raw material procurement, plastic parts production, stamping, winding, laser marking, and product testing to packaging and delivery. All the manufacturers’ products have obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, CE, CCC, and other certification certificates.

AC contactor manufacturing factory

Types of our AC contactor

Here is the most common and popluar ac contactor types at

  • CJX2 series AC Contactor
  • HGC Series AC Conatctor
  • LC1D Series AC Contactor

Besides, we also can provide AC contactor from the most famous brands such as Schneider. In a word, we can provide comprehensive and best ac contactors for our customers from types, styles, colors, functions, and other aspects. To know more about our AC contactors, please contact us directly.

Advantages of our AC contactor

  • Simple construction & Automatic Assembly
  • Low-Temperature Rise & Lower power consumption
  • Precision Manufacturing & Long Service Life
  • Automatic Assembly & High load capacity
  • Fast switching operation

Application of ac contactor

AC contactors are electromechanical devices used for controlling electrical circuits in various applications. They are commonly employed in industrial, commercial, and residential settings to switch electrical power on and off. Here are some common applications of AC contactors:

  1. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems
  2. Lighting Control in industrial and commercial buildings
  3. Electric motors control
  4. Industrial Machinery
  5. Electric Ovens and Furnaces
  6. Power Distribution Panels
  7. Elevator and escalator systems
  8. Water Pump Control
  9. Automated Manufacturing Systems
  10. Refrigeration Systems