Capacitive Voltage Detecting Systems

Our Capacitive Voltage Detecting System, also called capacitive voltage indicator, indicates voltage conditions in MV switchgear. Read our blog post to know what is Voltage Detecting System. As one of the professional Capacitive Voltage Detecting System manufacturers and distributors, Sell-Best can provide the ideal voltage monitoring solutions for medium and high voltage applications from 1 KV up to 600 kV. That means our voltage detecting system can be used in 3-3.6kV, 6-7.2kV, 10-12kV, 20-24KV, 35-40.5KV, 52-600KV, etc.

The capacitive voltage detecting system is available in the interface, ICE standard, IP protection class, and Relay varieties. With an HR interface or LRM interface option, One relay or two relays option, IP54 or IP 20 protection option, and IEC 61243-5 or IEC 62271-213 standards option, it’s easy to find the perfect Capacitive Voltage Detecting System solution.

Equipped with cutting-edge capacitive sensing technology, the voltage-detecting system can quickly identify voltage problems before they become serious. This keeps you safe in any environment such as industrial facilities. Choose our voltage detecting system for reliable monitoring and peace of mind. Don’t compromise on electrical safety! Contact us now to get your special capacitive voltage-detecting system solution.

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