MCCB Circuit Breaker

Our MCCB Circuit Breaker is suitable for a DC system of DC 1000V or less, and is used to distribute electric power energy, and protect circuits and power equipment against overload, short circuits, Undervoltage, and so on, also can be used for infrequent startup motors and protect it from overload, short circuit or undervoltage.

Our DC MCCB is compact in design, robust structure, high breaking capacity, high short arcing withstanding capability, vibration resistance, and Flexibility of installation. Besides, it conforms to the IEC60947-2 standard. All DC MCCB Circuit Breakers are suitable for DC applications such as Photovoltaic Circuit Breaker, UPS, and Datacenter.

There are various brands and types of DC MCCB, including Schneider DC MCCB, ABB DC MCCB, 3 Pole DC MCCB, 4 Pole DC MCCB, and so on. To know more, please contact us right now.

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