F FRAME DC MCCB Molded Case Circuit Breaker

F FRAME DC MCCB offers a range of 25 A – 250 A with breaking capacity of 25 kA / 35 kA. Available in 3P & 4Pwsn versions and different pole configurations. Features fixed thermal & magnetic settings. Overload setting is fixed and short circuit setting is minimum 10 times the rated current.
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Feature of F FRAME DC MCCB

  • Compact size and robust design
  • Suitable for switch disconnector purposes.
  • In the 4Pwsn version, the neutral makes first and breaks last.
  • The product also has a uniform front escutcheon plate.
  • Wide range of accessories available for this product.


Applications of F FRAME DC MCCB

  • Medium and low voltage power system protection: Protects against overloads, short circuits, and other faults.
  • Industrial control system protection: Safeguards motors, transformers, and other equipment.
  • Protection in household, commercial, and industrial buildings: Ensures the safety of electrical systems.
  • Safeguarding communication equipment and lines: Protects against potential electrical issues.
  • Protection in new energy equipment: Guarantees the safe operation of electrical systems in solar and wind energy equipment.


Specification of F FRAME DC MCCB

Ambient temp 400 °C (500 °C on request)
Breaking capacity 16 kA / 25 kA / 35 kA
Humidity 0 – 90%
No. of poles 1P, 3P & 4Pwsn
Operating altitude 2000 m
Rated frequency (50/60) Hz
Rated impulse voltage 8 kV
Rated insulation voltage 750 V AC
Rated operational voltage 415 V AC
Rating range 25 A – 250 A
Standard conformity IEC 60947-2/IS:13947-2
Type of release Thermomagnetic
Utilisation category A
Type of release Adjustable Type