Multifunction Meter

The Sell-Best multifunction meter(multifunction power meter) can measure all parameters of the three-phase power grid system with high precision: three-phase voltage, three-phase current, active power, reactive power, power factor, grid frequency, active energy, reactive energy, and has a communication interface and Power pulse output function.

The vast majority of multifunction energy meters at use Modbus-RTU communication protocol to achieve LED on-site display and remote RS485 digital communication. Some multifunction meters also use the Ethernet interface. These multifunctional meter has the characteristics of easy installation, simple wiring, convenient maintenance, small engineering workload, on-site programmable setting of input parameters, etc., and can communicate with different PLCs and industrial control computers. Besides, our multi function meters are your best choice because we are a profesional multifunction meter manufacuter with high quality and can provide different brands multifunction meter for you.

Our multi-functional meter is widely used in control systems, energy management systems, substation automation, distribution network automation, building automation, industrial automation, community power monitoring, construction, switch cabinets, etc.

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Why Choose Sell-Best As Your Multifunction Meter Supplier?

Sell-Best is a professional Multifunction Meter distributor and supplier in China. All our partners have over 10 years of experience in designing and producing multifunction Meters.

  • High Accuracy: Only multifunction meter manufacturers whose accuracy levels of multifunctional meters are at least class o.5 can be our partners.
  • Quality Assurance: All our partners complete the production line and testing equipment, organize production in strict accordance with international standards, control the whole process from material purchase to finished product delivery, continuously improve the quality system, and provide customers with satisfactory products.
  • Perfect equipment: Only multi-function meters from manufacturers (our partners) who have high-technology equipment are shown at
  • High Manufacturing ability: The high manufacturing ability of MFM meters are requirement for our partners. Thus, our partners have at least one large factory.
  • One-stop service: we can provide your one-stop service of production, sales, technical support, etc. Thus, you can save time and cost.

Here is part of our partner’s factory display.

multifunction meter manufacturing factory display

What is the main function of multifunction meter?

  • Energy consumption monitoring: Multifunction meters monitor energy consumption in homes, offices, factories, and so on.
  • Power quality analysis: Multifunction meters can analyze the quality of the power supply such as voltage, current, frequency, power factor, and harmonics.
  • Load management: Multifunction power meters can manage real-time loads in a power system to identify and address any imbalances or overloads.
  • Billing and revenue management: Multifunction energy meters can measure energy consumption and provide data for billing purposes in utility companies.
  • Renewable energy monitoring: Multifunctional meters can be used to monitor renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines.

What is the application of multifunction meters?

multifunction power meter applications

It can be used in Building, Public Utilities, Industry, Electricity, Petrochemical, Medical, Power stations, electrical switchgear, and other electrical devices or industry. There are some typical application such as power distribution, capacitor cabinet, bus coupler cabinet, outlet metering cabinet, GCK,GCS, MNS, GGD oultet fixed cabinet, Collin cabinet, etc.

Application of multifunction meter in stystem management

What advantages of our multifunctional power meters?

  1. Real-time measuring various electrical parameters such as voltage, current, frequency and so on.
  2. RS485 Modbus RTU, Ethernet, Profibus optional: Just choose these interface as you need.
  3. Large screen LCD screen: you can read the data easily and clearly.
  4. High Accurate Measurement: as for different electrical parameters, the accuracy of measurement is different. But the accuracy of measurement can meet your needs. For example, the accuracy measurement of reactive energy and reactive energy can be grade 1.0 or grade 2.0. You can tell us your needs and we can recommend you a suitable meter based on your needs
  5. Cost-save: our multifunction meter price is factory price with famous meter brands quality.
  6. Various size optional: you can choose external dimension: 120*120mm, 96*96mm, 80*80mm, 72*12mm, 48*48mm

To know more about our multifunctional meters’ advantages, please contact us directly.