Pilot PMAC770 Multifunction Power Meter

Pilot PMAC770 is a high configuration multifunction power meter with can provide MODBUS-RTU, MODBUS-TCP/IP, BACnet MS/TP, 64M bit memory etc.. Suitable for commercial building, data center, EMS…

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Features of Pilot PMAC770

  • Suit for LV / HV voltage system
  • True-RMS measuring parameter
  • High accuracy, Active energy:IEC62053-22 class 0.5s
  • Build-in MODBUS-RTU via RS485 port
  • Pluggable modules for BACnet MS/TP; Ethernet TCP/IP, DI; DO; AI; AO
  • 64M bit data logging with build-in web server
  • C02 carbon dioxide emission calculation
  • 2 kinds of demand modes: fixed block and rolling block
  • 31st Harmonic analysis, K factor, unbalance etc.
  • Time-of-use (Multi-tariff billing), historical data of 31 days and 12 months
  • Max./ Min. record (U, I, P, Q*)
  • Under / Over limit alarm
  • CE / KEMA / UL / CATIII certificate

Specifications of Pilot PMAC770

Basic Function
Real time metering Voltage Ua, Ub, Uc, Uab, Ubc, Uca, UL-L avg, UL-N avg
Current Ia, Ib, Ic, In, Iavg
Power Pa, Pb, Pc, ∑P, Qa, Qb, Qc, ∑Q, Sa, Sb,Sc, ∑S
Power factor PFa, PFb, PFc, ∑PF
Energy kWh, kvarh, kVAh *
CO2 (Carbon dioxide)
Frequency F
Demand & Max. demand Dmd_I, Dmd_P, Dmd_Q ,Dmd_S
Max./ min. value Max./ min. (U, I, P, Q*, S*)
Multi-tariff energy *
Phase angle *
Power quality analysis Unbalance U_unbl *, I_unbl *
Harmonic (31st ) THDu, THDi, TOHDu, TOHDi, TEHDu, TEHDi, HRU *, RHI *
Harmonic RMS (0-31st ) Harmonic RMS-U *, Harmonic RMS-I *, Harmonic RMS-P *
Harmonic energy (1st -13th )
Voltage crest factor, current K factor, Load rate, Voltage deviation, Frequency deviation Running time record for power-on period and qualified voltage & current *
Setpoint alarm Over/ under limit alarm
3DI +2 DO 3 status input + 2 relay output
RS485 Modbus-RTU protocol

Record function

SOE (event log), Real-time clock ( yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss) *
Voltage/ frequency deviation, Voltage unbalance record
Optional Module (Only for PMAC770)
SW 4 status input (wet contact) LAN 64M bit memory + Ethernet TCP/IP
SD 4 status input (dry contact) AI 2 analog input (4-20mA)
C * The 2nd RS485 AO 2 analog output (4-20mA)
Ep * 2 pulse output BA BACnet MS/TP protocol
R 2 relay output


Connection mode 3-phase 3-wire, 3-phase 4-wire, 1-phase 2-wire Communicati-on  

Modbus- RTU


RS485 serial

Baud rate: 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200,

38400bps Address: 1~247

Metering True RMS, 1 sec refresh time



Rate current: 1A or 5A Rate voltage:

Direct 120, 220V, 240V, 277V, 398Vph-N (optional) PT secondary: 1~398V (settable)

Frequency: 50/ 60Hz

Modbus- TCP/ IP Ethernet communication port

Support connect 10M/100M ethernet, Modbus TCP/IP, Web, FTP




RS485 serial

Baud rate: 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200,

38400, 57600, 76800bps

Address: 1…127, excluding 99

Overload 120% of rated, continuously Instantaneous current: 10 times/ sec Instantaneous voltage: 2 times/ sec


Dimension (L x W x H)


Panel: 96 x 96 x 13.5 mm

Cut-out: 90 x 90 x 58.6 mm (basic)

90 x 90 x 80.1 mm (optional module)


Panel: 96 x 96 x 12 mm

Cut-out: 90 x 90 x 58.6 mm (basic)

Status input Wet contact, external power supply
Relay output Node capacity: 250VAC/5A
Pulse output Pulse constant: 1000~9999 programmable Pulse width: 60~100ms programmable

Formula: 1 pulse = (1÷ pulse constant ×PT ×CT) kWh

Weight Basic unit: approx 550gr. Optional module: 50gr.
Power supply 85 ~265VAC,85~265VDC (When select P1)

100~420VAC, 100~400VDC (When select P2)

Environment Main Module & and other Modules Operating temperature: -10℃~ +55 ℃ Storage temperature: -40℃~ +70 ℃ Humidity: 5%~95% non-condensing
Power loss <5VA
IP index IP52 (front panel) and IP30 (case)
Power frequency withstand voltage AC 2KV/minute
BACnet Module Operating temperature: 0℃~ +50 ℃ Storage temperature: -5℃~ +75 ℃ Humidity: 10%~95% non-condensing
Insulation resistance ≥50MΩ
Impulse withstand voltage 4kV (peak), 1.2/50uS