Residual Current Monitor

Residual Current Monitor, also called RCM, is used to monitor fault currents or residual currents in grounded power supply systems. Read our blog post to gain basic knowledge of RCM. Our residual current relay collects the residual current of the circuit through the residual current sensor. When the residual current exceeds the action value set by the residual current relay, the relay will operate, close the tripping coil of the circuit breaker, and trip the circuit breaker, thereby realizing the ground fault protection function. It is particularly suitable for the safety protection of electricity and line grounding fault protection in schools, commercial buildings, factory workshops, chemical plants, large sports stadiums, industrial and mining enterprises, national key fire protection units, intelligent buildings and communities, subways, petrochemicals, telecommunications, and national defense departments. Contact us now to get the right residual current relay for your application quickly.

Sell-Best provides various types of residual current monitor devices for different applications, which include DC residual current monitoring devices, AC RCM residual current monitors, residual current monitors with integrated transformers, residual current monitors with LCD screens, and so on. No matter which residual current measurement, including AC, pulsating, and smoothed DC residual currents measuring, we can help you find the best RCM residual current monitoring solution for your electrical equipment.

Our residual current monitoring relay complies with the IEC 60755 standard. Compliance with IEC 6075 ensures our residual current protection relay long-term Reliability and Durability, Compatibility with Electrical Systems and high performance.

Browse our residual current monitors, which can help you with early detection of insulation faults, as well as preventive maintenance and servicing outside of operating hours.

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