Residual Current Monitor

Residual Current Monitor is used to monitor grounded power supply systems for fault currents or residual currents. Sell-best offers residual current monitor devices and residual current relays for you to detect and evaluate earth fault currents.

Features of Residual Current Monitor (RCM)
Detects and measures the imbalance between incoming and outgoing current in an electrical circuit.
Provides continuous monitoring of the residual current level.
Does not interrupt the power supply, but provides a warning or alarm when the residual current exceeds a threshold.
Used for monitoring electrical installations and identifying potential ground faults or leakage currents.

Residual Current Relay is similar to RCM, it detects and measures the residual current in electrical circuits.
Besides monitoring, it also can interrupt the power supply when the residual current exceeds a preset limit.
Typically used for protection against electrical shock or fire hazards caused by ground faults or leakage currents.
Offers additional safety features like adjustable trip current settings and time delay options for selective coordination.

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