IL 5882 Residual Current Monitoring Unit

The residual current monitoring unit DOlD IL5882 RCM is used for detecting insulation faults in grounded voltage systems as well as for monitoring and preventive maintenance of electrical systems. It can detect Insulation deterioration before the insulation faults occur.

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Features of Residual Current Monitoring Unit

  • For AC and pulsing DC currants Type A to IEC/TR 60755 9 tripping values from 10 mA to 10 A or from 10 mA… 30 A, by IEC/EN 62020
  • Range of frequencies: 20… 2000 Hz
  • choosing between an automatic and manual reset
  • With prior notice
  • Featuring a test and reset button
  • identification of broken wires
  • brief response time
  • TV with programmable delay
  • De-energized on-trip LED signal for contact status and auxiliary supply
  • Two times one switch contact

Advantages of Residual Current Monitoring Unit

  • Fire safety precautions and system defense
  • Plant availability can be increased through early fault identification.
  • using a residual current transformer externally
  • Sealable transparent cover over setting switches to prevent manipulation

Applications of Residual Current Monitoring Unit

  • Ground fault monitoring on grounded and high-resistance grounded AC/DC systems
  • Systems with variable frequency drives, inverters, and other power conversion equipment
  • General purpose DC systems, per NEC 250.167(B)
  • General power distribution
  • Motors and motor control centers
  • Control systems
  • Heat trace systems, per NEC 427.22 and CEC 62-116
  • Solar arrays, per NEC 690.41(B) (2017 edition), NEC 690.5 (2014 edition), and CEC 64-064(4)
  • Energy storage systems

Specification of Residual Current Detector

Width: 35 mm
Adjustable measuring ranges: 0,01 – 10, 0,01 – 30 A
Operate delay: Yes
Classification: Type A (AC, DC pulsating)
Type of voltage: AC, DC pulsating
Broken conductor detection: Yes
Clear key: Yes
Test key: Yes
Relay contact/output: Yes
Enclosure design: Distribution board
Type: IL 5882