IL 5882 Residual Current Detector

IL 5882 Residual Current Detector is the Detection of insulation faults in grounded voltage systems. The residual current relay is used to maintain electrical plants before faults occur. A decrease in insulation can be detected and indicated early without interruption of operation.

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  • According to IEC/EN 62020
  • for AC and pulsating DC currants Type A to IEC/TR 60755
  • 9 tripping values from 10 mA to 10 A or from 10 mA … 30 A
  • Frequency range 20 … 2000 Hz
  • Selection of manual or automatic reset
  • With prewarning
  • With test and reset button
  • Broken wire detection
  • Short reaction time
  • With adjustable delay tv
  • De-energized on trip
  • LED indication for auxiliary supply and state of contact
  • 2 x 1 changeover contact


  • Ground fault monitoring on grounded and high-resistance grounded AC/DC systems
  • Systems with variable frequency drives, inverters, and other power conversion equipment
  • General purpose DC systems, per NEC 250.167(B)
  • General power distribution
  • Motors and motor control centers
  • Control systems
  • Heat trace systems, per NEC 427.22 and CEC 62-116
  • Solar arrays, per NEC 690.41(B) (2017 edition), NEC 690.5 (2014 edition), and CEC 64-064(4)
  • Energy storage systems


Width: 35 mm
Adjustable measuring ranges: 0,01 – 10, 0,01 – 30 A
Operate delay: Yes
Classification: Type A (AC, DC pulsating)
Type of voltage: AC, DC pulsating
Broken conductor detection: Yes
Clear key: Yes
Test key: Yes
Relay contact / output: Yes
Enclosure design: Distribution board
Type: IL 5882