RCMS410 Residual Current Monitoring Device

RCMS410 is an AC, pulsed DC, and smooth DC sensitive residual-current monitor for earthed power-supply systems. It measures residual currents between 2 mA and 70 A with direct voltage as well as alternating voltage in a frequency range from 15 Hz to 20 kHz and has been developed for flexible use in the most varied applications.

Despite its small size and compact design the RCMS410 is a top performer. It can monitor up to 4 residual-current channels simultaneously. The response values can be adjusted separately. Therefore the RCMS410 can distinguish between a prewarning and a main alarm as well as between the RMS value of AC and DC combined, and the RMS value of the individual AC or DC component. Specific analysis functions serve to measure and evaluate harmonics up to the 400th harmonic.

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  • 4 channels in one compact housing
  • AC, pulsed DC, or AC/DC sensitive measuring for each channel
  • Frequency analysis up to the 400th harmonic
  • Configurable frequency response
  • Communication via various interfaces


  • Ground fault monitoring on grounded and high-resistance grounded AC/DC systems
  • Systems with variable frequency drives, inverters, and other power conversion equipment
  • General purpose DC systems, per NEC 250.167(B)
  • General power distribution
  • Motors and motor control centers
  • Control systems
  • Heat trace systems, per NEC 427.22 and CEC 62-116
  • Solar arrays, per NEC 690.41(B) (2017 edition), NEC 690.5 (2014 edition), and CEC 64-064(4)
  • Energy storage systems