RCMS410 Residual Current Monitoring Device

The Bender RCMS410 Residual Current Monitoring Device is to monitor and measure residual current for earthed power supply systems that are sensitive to AC, pulsed DC, and smooth DC. It can measure residual current from 2mA to 70A and 15Hz to 20KHZ.

  • Monitoring up to 4 residual-current channels simultaneously
  • Offering frequency analysis up to the 400th harmonic
  • Equipped with various interfaces & standardized Modbus-RTU interface
  • 4 residual-current inputs, digital input, digital output, and multi-functional output
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Features of Residual Current Monitoring Device

  • Constant residual-current observation with recurring validation
  • Four channels for measuring residual current
  • Sensitive measuring of AC, pulsed DC, or AC/DC by choosing measuring-current transformers (type A/F/B/B+ according to IEC 60755 or VDE 0664-400) for each channel.
  • Monitoring the measuring-current-transformer connection continuously
  • Separate analyses can be performed on the AC and DC components as well as the RMS value from AC plus DC.
  • Every channel has three different measurement modes to choose from: window mode (out-of-range values), undercurrent, and overcurrent (standard).
  • As an alternative, each channel may be set up for digital input.
  • Response ranges: type B/B+: 10 mA–10 A; type A/F: 6 mA–30 A
  • Range of frequencies: DC–20 kHz
  • preset mode
  • Reload the function
  • Adjustable time lags
  • Adaptable frequency response
  • Analysis of frequencies up to the 400th harmonic and THD value computation
  • Three in one: one multifunctional digital/analog output, one digital input/output, and one digital input
  • Integrated test/reset button with an external button connector
  • There are two alarm LEDs, one for the device status and one for each channel.
  • Modbus RTU interface using RS-485 (parameter setup and reading of measured values)
  • In a configuration that works with other Modbus-RTU-capable Bender device series, including the RCMB300 series, RCMS150-01, and RCMB13, for example.01.
  • Compatible with CP9, COM465IP, and other Bender gateway types.
  • The Bender Connect App allows up to 247 RCMS410 devices to be used on the bus NFC interface for parameter setup.
  • Extension, renovation, or functional modification if monitoring requirements change
  • Meets DIN EN IEC 62020-1 requirements

Dimension diagrams of RCMS410 Residual Current Monitoring Device

Applications of Residual Current Monitoring Device

  • Measuring and evaluating the nominal, fault, and residual currents in loads and installations
  • As an alternative to the periodic verification, stationary electrical installations and equipment should have their residual currents monitored.
  • Identification of progressive degradation of insulation to facilitate preventive maintenance
  • Tracking of currents that represent a fire risk at places where there is a risk of fire
  • EMC monitoring of extra N-PE-bridges and stray currents in TN-S systems
  • PE and protective bonding conductors are being watched to make sure there is no current flow.
  • keeping an eye out for harmonic overload in N-conductors
  • keeping an eye on digital input

Specification of Residual Current Monitoring Device

specification of RCMS410 Residual Current Monitoring Device