Synchroscope Meter

Sell-Best is the leading distributor and supplier of synchroscope meter. Our synchroscope meter is an instrument used to measure and display the synchronized status between different generators and the network. It can indicate the difference in frequency and phase angle between both sides too. The basic principle of the synchronization meter is to determine the synchroscope status between them by comparing the frequency and phase of two power supplies. Frequency and phase differences are displayed on the synchronization meter’s pointer or digital display. It is widely used in power generation plants, substations, etc.

Find synchroscope meter easily amongst the 12 products from the leading manufacturers on Sell-Best. The industry specialist for your synchroscope meter. We provide precise analog or digital synchroscope meter for electrical power systems. The features of the synchroscope meter: High Accuracy class, voltage up to 440v, 96*96mm, 67*67mm, 72*72mm optional, 360° indication, IP40, IP56, or IP20 protection for the front panel.

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