PQ1208 Synchronization Meter

Synchronization Meter is an instrument in the electrical instrumentation industry to measure and display the synchronization status between devices. It helps users determine whether there is a synchronization problem between devices by detecting parameters such as current, voltage, and frequency. The instrument is equipped with an intuitive display, which can display the synchronization status of the device in real time, and provide corresponding alarm functions, so that users can take timely measures to solve synchronization problems.


Synchronization Meter has the characteristics of high precision, ease of use, and strong reliability, and is widely used in power systems, industrial automation, and new energy fields.

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  • Color touch screen for easy navigation
  • Easy to read display with graphical analysis
  • Durable steel casing for longer life span
  • Potential free relay contact



  • For data synchronization between databases
  • Data synchronization across different platforms
  • Synchronize the data generated in real time to the data analysis platform
  • Real-time analysis and report generation
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Synchronize data between different applications for data sharing and process integration
  • Synchronize data between different cloud service providers
  • Achieving Data Consistency in Multi-Cloud Environments