SQ0214 Analog Synchroscope Meter

SQ0214 Analog Synchroscope meter is a microprocessor-based synchronising unit. It is intended for a phase difference measurement between a bus bar and generator. It can be used in any kind of installation where a manual or semi- automatic synchronising is required. SQ0214 version with LCD can replace two voltmeters and two frequency-meters. Circular set of 24 LEDs represents a phase difference. A lit LED displays momentary phase difference with a resolution of 20°el. (red LEDs). Within synchronising range 15°el., the resolution is increased to 5°el. (green LEDs).

The SQ0214 has additional LCD with backlight for a display of a generator UGEN and bus-bar UBB voltage and both frequencies FGEN and FBB . The SQ0214 can replace two voltmeters and two frequency meters, which are normally part of the synchronising set.

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  • Color touch screen for easy navigation
  • Easy to read display with graphical analysis
  • Durable steel casing for longer life span
  • Potential free relay contact




  • For data synchronization between databases
  • Data synchronization across different platforms
  • Synchronize the data generated in real time to the data analysis platform
  • Real-time analysis and report generation
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Synchronize data between different applications for data sharing and process integration
  • Synchronize data between different cloud service providers
  • Achieving Data Consistency in Multi-Cloud Environments