Blue Jay RCM AC Residual Current Monitor

The RCM AC Residual Current Monitor serves as an integrated device for monitoring residual currents in earthed power supply systems such as TNC-S, TN-S, and TT configurations. With the capability to monitor up to 16 channels, this device features a convenient panel-mounting design suitable for various electrical cabinets. The LED screen displays a range of parameters, facilitating easy diagnosis and insulation testing for on-site engineers.

  • RS485 communication Modbus RTU protocol
  • Max 8 channels of residual current and temperature signal access
  • 2kV AC RMS 1 minute, between input/output / case/power supply
  • Used in TT and TN-S systems IEC Standard
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For enhanced functionality, this residual current monitor can be equipped with optional current transformers or temperature sensors for each channel, enabling the detection of specific parameters and triggering alarms or trips based on predefined thresholds. Integration with circuit breakers allows for the creation of MRCD applications by combining multiple RCM units.

Furthermore, the RCM includes an RS485 port, enabling seamless data submission to SCADA systems. This feature enhances connectivity and ensures that the monitoring data can be easily integrated into broader control and automation systems. Additionally, the RCM supports both OEM and ODM customization, providing flexibility in meeting specific requirements for residual current monitoring units.

full symbol in display screen of residual current monitor


Features of Residual Current Monitor

  •  Residual current alarm setting range is 300 ~ 1000mA, the adjustment step is 1mA
  • Max 16 channels continuous monitoring of residual currents With residual current and temperature protection function
  • The temperature alarm setting range is 50.0-100.0°C, the adjustment step is 0.1°C
  • Temperature protection function
  • 2 alarm relay outputs, various protection modes can be set
  • Optional 2-way passive binary input
  • Built-in buzzer provides sound notice when alarm trigged Support sound and light alarm functions
  • Automatically jump to the alarm interface when protection occurs,
  • Support manual silence and reset
  • Cyclic recording of 100 events, not lost when power is off, stored for more than ten years
  • Standard RS485 communication interface,
  • MODBUS-RTU communication protocol
  • Support manual self-test function
  • Mounting through holes
  • Built-in buzzer provides sound notice when alarm trigged
  • Password protection for device setting
  • Easy to install: RCM AC Residual Current Monitor can be mounted on DIN – Rail or front panel configuration according to the need.

dimension of Blue Jay RCM Residual current monitor

Specification of Residual Current Monitor

Power supply 85~265Vac/dc
Consumption <5VA
Residual current accuracy 1%
Temperature accuracy ±2°C
Data refresh rate 1sec
Binary inputs Passive node, isolation voltage 2000VAC
Relay output AC 250V/5A or DC 30V/5A, 2500V optocoupler isolation
Comm port RS485 Modbus-RTU protocol, baud rate up to 19200bps


Physical dimension 96*96*75mm (L*W*H)
Protection class IP20
Weight 0.55kg
Working environment -10~55°C
Measurement category CAT-III, pollution grade 2
Insulation capacity > AC 2kV signal – power – output
Reference standard IEC 61000-4-2, class III
IEC 61000-4-3, class III
IEC 61000-4-4, class IV
IEC 61000-4-5, class IV
IEC 61000-4-6, class III
IEC 61000-4-8, class III
IEC 61000-4-11, class III

Applications of Residual Current Monitor

  • Temperature monitoring of critical parts of cables or electrical boxes
  • Residual current monitoring of stationary electrical equipment and systems
  • Personnel protection and protection against fire by rapid disconnection
  • Monitoring of digital inputs

Wiring of Blue Jay RCM Residual Current Monitor
Wiring of RCM residual current monitoring relay