ABB ELR48V24P Residual Current Monitor

The ELR electronic residual current relay allows monitoring and protection of the low voltage distribution network, through the use of a toroidal transformer. Protection is achieved in combination with the MCBs and MCCBs. The ELR front panel residual current relay is compliant with protection standard 60947-2 Annex M in order to offer a cumulative operational time (residual current relay, shunt-trip, circuit breaker) guaranteed by the manufacturer.

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Features of ABB ELR48V24P Residual Current Monitor


  • Complete protection: Protect equipment and reduce downtime from damage caused by ground faults, according to IE/EN 60947-2 Annex M and the IEC/EN 62020 standards
  • Continuous operation: Provide warning that preventive maintenance should be done to the equipment
  • Easy to install: Can be mounted on DIN – Rail or front panel configuration according to the need. Easy retrofitting thanks to opened core toroids

Specification of ABB ELR48V24P Residual Current Monitor


Rated Voltage (Ur) 24…48 volt
Type of Residual Current A type
Standards IEC EN 60947-2 Ann M
Package Width 0.09 metre
Package Length 0.115 metre
Package Height 0.12 metre
Invoice Description ELR48V24P – Residual Current Monitor
Product Range ELR
Package Gross Weight 0.18 kilogram
Mounting Type front panel
Function For mixed system
Extended Product Type ELR48V24P
Total GST Percentage 18.00
HSN Number 85363030