Delta DPM C530A Advanced Multifunction Meter

Delta DPM C530A Advanced Multifunction Meter offers precise measurement of various electrical energy values and power quality parameters, including power factor, harmonics, and current / voltage unbalance, and it also provides off-limit alarms and history log functions.

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  • Supports alert set-ups, auto meter set-ups, and hourly electricity calculation
  • Multi-rate meter, record saving, and default max. / min. value set-ups
  • Eco-mode meter and parameter group set-ups
  • Supports Modbus communication and is easy to apply with SCADA and EMS
  • Total Harmonic Distortion:2nd ~ 31st


The DPM-C530 is suitable for energy management, medium or low-voltage distribution systems, smart switch cabinets, energy management systems, factory automation systems, building automation systems, railway energy management systems, electric heating systems, wind power systems, energy storage systems, electric grid measurement, and energy quality analysis.


Delta multifunction meter specification