D52 2047 Multi Function Meter

D52 2047 Multi Function Meter: Digital LED Voltage Current Active Power Factor Energy Meter AC80-300V 100A,D52-2047,AC 80-300V

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Features of D52 2047 Multi Function Meter

  • D52-2042 D52-2048 D52-2047 Multi-functional digital-display meter can meter the AC voltage and current, and compute the active power, reactive power and power factor at the same time.
  • Good stability and high measurement accuracy Appearance in a standard size, easy to install


  • Accuracy: 1%±2 digits
  • AC voltage: AC 80.0-300.0V
  • AC: 0.0-100.0A
  • Active power: 0.0-30000w
  • Electric energy: 0.000-99999Kwh
  • The electric energy of cumulative time: 0.00-999.59h
  • Power factor: 1.000-0.000
  • Test speed: 2 times per second
  • Measurement accuracy:1% +/- two words
  • LED display: Ammeter +Voltmeter 4 display 0.31 inch
  • Active power, apparent power, and power factor: 5 display 0.31 inch
  • LED Voltage measurement range: AC 80-300V/AC 200-450V
  • Current measurement range: 100A (0-100A)
  • Measurement speed: about 2 times per second
  • DIY Supplies: Electrical
  • Dimensions:54*80*60mm
  • Display Type: Digital Only
  • Power Supply: AC
  • Model Number: D52-2042 2047 2048
  • Operating Temperature:-10~+60 C
  • Accuracy Class:1%±two words