MFM376 Selec Multifunction Meter

The Selec Multifunction Meter MFM376 is a multi-purpose LED meter that works with 1-phase 2-wire, 3-phase 3-wire, and 3-phase 4-wire systems. Voltage levels between 11 and 300V (L-N) and 19 and 519V (L-L) can be measured by it. The precision of the meter’s voltage and current measurements is ±0.5%, while its frequency, power, and PF measures have accuracy values of 0.1%, 0.01%, and 1%, respectively.

The multifunction meter Selec MFM376 has an accuracy level of 1 for measuring apparent energy, active power, and reactive power. It is also capable of measuring imported/exported energy and the maximum/minimum power consumption. The Selec MFM 376 Power meter has RS485 communication capability utilizing MODBUS RTU (MFM376-C-CE) and can measure %THD up to 31 levels. The item has a CE certification. All things considered, the MFM376 is an extremely dependable and effective tool for measuring power and energy in a variety of situations.

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Features of Selec Multifunction Meter

  • Panel mounting and various wiring methods: 1 phase 2 wire, 3 phase 3 wire, 3 phase 4 wire
  • RS485 and Modbus RTU interface and protocol
  • Programmable PT Primary and secondary for any value
  • Programmable CTPrimary and secondary
  • Auxiliary supply of 40 – 300V AC / DC
  • True RMS Measurement
  • Digits LED display

Dimension of Selec Multifunction Meter MFM376

dimension of MFM376 multifunction meter Selec

Application of Selec MFM 376

  • All situation needs measurements of all power parameters;
  • Energy and electrical fire monitoring and control;
  • Changing the three-phase electricity transmitter and power meter;
  • Distributed detection in transformers, generators, capacitors, and electric motors;
  • Systems operating at medium and low pressure; DCS integrators, EMS, SCADA.

Specification of MFM376

Parameter Value
Display Type 7 Segment LED Display
Display Configuration 3 Rows of 4 Digits
Electrical Connection 3Ø – 3W, 3Ø – 4W, 2Ø – 3W, 1Ø – 2W
Type of Output Pulse Output
Features Phase Angle Detection, (Max/Min) Demand Power, Run Hour, Auxiliary Interrupts
CT Primary 1 / 5A to 10kA (Programmable for Any Value)
CT Secondary 1 / 5 A (Programmable)
PT Primary 100V to 500kV (Programmable for Any Value)
PT Secondary 100V to 500V (Programmable for Any Value)
Rated Input Current Nominal 5A AC (Min – 14mA Max – 6A)
Supply Voltage 240V AC (-15% to +12%) (MFM376-230VAC) ,85V to 270V AC & 40V to 270V DC (MFM376-C-CE)
Size 96 x 96mm
Mounting Type Panel Mount

Wiring Diagrams of Selec Multifunction Meter

wiring of MFM376 3p4w 3p3w 2p3w 1p2w

Selec mfm multifunction meter wiring CTs and PTS