3VM Siemens MCCB Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Siemens MCCB circuit breaker 3VM1 has an IEC frame of 250 and a breaking capacity class of S. It has a breaking capacity of 36kA at 415V, and it is a 3-pole circuit breaker used for line protection. The overload protection range is from 175A to 250A, and the short-circuit protection is set at 10 times the rated current (In). It also includes a nut keeper kit.

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Feature of 3VM Siemens MCCB Molded Case Circuit Breakers

  • The compact size and robust design are suitable for use in switching disconnections.
  • In the 4Pwsn version, the neutral is connected first and disconnected last.
  • The front cover is unified and a variety of accessories are available

Applications of 3VM Siemens MCCB Molded Case Circuit Breakers

  • In medium and low-voltage power systems, circuit protection is necessary to prevent overload, short circuit, and other faults.
  • It is also used in industrial control systems to safeguard motors, transformers, and other equipment.
  • It is employed in household, commercial, and industrial building electrical systems, as well as to protect communication equipment and lines.
  • Circuit protection is also essential in the electrical systems of new energy equipment like solar and wind energy, ensuring the safe operation of electrical equipment.



Specification of 3VM Siemens MCCB Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Additional Product Information
EAN 4042948811115
UPC Not available
Commodity Code 8536200000
LKZ_FDB/ CatalogID LV10.1
Product Group 5377
Group Code P360
Country of origin China
RoHS Conformity Date Since: 01.06.2012
Product class B: return restricted, please contact your Siemens partner/contact
WEEE (2012/19/EU) Take-Back Obligation
Version Classification
eClass 12 27-37-04-09
eClass 6 27-37-04-09
eClass 7.1 27-37-04-09
eClass 8 27-37-04-09
eClass 9 27-37-04-09
eClass 9.1 27-37-04-09
ETIM 7 EC000228
ETIM 8 EC000228
IDEA 4 4850
UNSPSC 15 39-12-16-01