CEN160 Molded Case Circuit Breaker

The CEN160 Molded Case Circuit Breaker is suitable for DC systems with a rated working voltage below 1000V and a rated working current up to 10A-1250A. It provides protection against overload, short circuits, and Undervoltage, safeguarding power supply equipment and lines from damage caused by overvoltage and overcurrent.

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Features of CEN160 Molded Case Circuit Breaker

  • The breaker is suitable for use in a DC system without grounding, with one pole grounded or with the neutral point grounded.
  • It can handle a maximum current of 1250A when multiple breakers are operated in parallel.
  • The breaker features an arcing quench system that combines VJC and lSTAC technologies.
  • It can operate at full load at a temperature of 50℃.
  • The breaker can be mounted vertically or horizontally and has an isolation function.
  • It complies with the standards lEC60947-2 and GB14048.2.

Applications of CEN160 Molded Case Circuit Breaker

  • Protecting circuits in medium and low voltage power systems from overloads, short circuits and other faults
  • Ensure the safety of motors, transformers and other equipment in industrial control systems
  • Used in residential, commercial and industrial buildings to protect electrical systems
  • Used to protect communication equipment, lines, etc.
  • It is crucial for the electrical system of new energy equipment such as solar energy and wind energy.
  • Ensure reliable operation of electrical equipment



Specification of CEN160 Molded Case Circuit Breaker

Parameter Value
Shell frame grade current 160
Ripping device rated current 100、125、140、160、180、200、225、250
Number of poles 4
Rated insulation voltage 1000V
Rated operational voltage DC 1000V
Rated impulse withstand voltage 8000V
Rated ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity 40
Rated operational short-circuit breaking capacity 25
Mechanical life 10000
Electrical life 5000
Flashover distance ≯50
Dimension 142X165X103mm
Overload protection 250-630 A
Protection function 100-250 A

250-360 A

Action tolerance ±20%
Work environment -40℃~+70℃