High Voltage Indicator-QS

The high voltage indicator is a new type of non-contact high-voltage live detection device. It uses an integrated three-phase continuous display to test the voltage loss in the medium-voltage switchgear, which helps to ensure the safety of the power system.

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  • Fail-safe voltage testing and protection
  • Integrated self-test function, with self-test button
  • High voltage alarm, disconnection alarm
  • Visual indication via bright LED or LCD screen
  • No battery or auxiliary voltage maintenance-free
  • Fully self-monitoring
  • Three-phase live voltage indication system
  • Electromagnetic lock automatic locking
  • Relay signal output interlocking indication
  • Phase sequence detection point.




  • Indicate the status of live electricity
  • Ensuring the safety of the power system and the safety of personnel
  • Prevent the staff from operating with electricity and causing safety accidents.
  • Capable of locking high-voltage electrical equipment and
  • Forcibly locking the door of switchgear
  • Reflect status of high-voltage lines or high-voltage equipment




Rated voltage: 24V/110V/220V
Voltage level 1..52 kV (Medium-voltage)
Contact capacity (Passive) 8A、250VAC/48VDC
Power consumption <2W
Working frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Standard IEC 61243-5  IEC 62271-213
Insulation strength 2kV,1min


Nominal Voltage

Shielded Cable Length 2M,or customized by buyers
Threshold Values for Voltage Presence Indication U>0.40 x Unmin
Threshold Values for Voltage Absence indication U<0.15 x Unmin
Threshold Values for Over-voltage Protection U<0.30 x Unmin
Front display LCD/LED Display
Controls Self-test button
Operating temperature -25°C … 55°C, RH<95%, Altitude: ≤1000m
Storage temperature -30°C … 75°C, RH<95%
Protection class IP40/IP65
Type of interface LRM
Lifetime Minimum 31 years (MTBF)

Mounting Dimension (WxHxD)

Panel window size 92x45mm

Recommended depth 130mm


Working Description

Number Name Status Direction
1 Charged Indicator Light Bright This Phase Is Charged
Dark This Phase Is Not Charged
Flashing Sensor Offline Alarm
2 Power supply Indicator Bright Normal Working Condition
Dark Non-Normal Working Condition
3 Locking Indicator Bright Device Locked
Dark Device Unlocked
4 Self-Test Button Press Start System Self-Test


Product Selection Table

High Voltage Detector
High voltage indication
Sensor offline alarm
Interlocking indication
Three-phase measuring point
High bright LED indicator