Voltage Indicator CVD3-IL CVD/PC-7

The ABB voltage indication high-voltage live display device is a novel high-voltage live detection device. It tests the voltage loss in the medium-voltage switchgear using an integrated three-phase continuous display, contributing to the power system’s safety.

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  • High brightness and low heat generation
  • Low power consumption
  • Long service life


  • Gross Weight:2 kg
  • Invoice Description: Voltage indicator CVD3-IL with CVD/PC-5 5m
  • Capacitance value:15pF for Unigear-ZS1 24kV panel
  • Medium Description: CVD/PC-5 5m voltage indicator
  • Product Name: CVD/pc-5 5m voltage indicator
  • Product Net Depth / Length:20 cm
  • Product Net Height:20 cm
  • Product Net Weight:2 kg
  • Product Net Width:10 cm