Schneider AC Contactor LC1D40AF7

Schneider AC Contactor LC1D40AF7 is designed for motor control. It achieves great endurance and dependability for operation rates up to 3600 cycles per hour in conditions up to 60̚°C. Small (55 mm wide), screw or DIN-rail fastened. IEC, UL, CSA, CCC, EAC, and Marine standards certified; RoHS/REACh compliant.

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Features of Schneider AC Contactor LC1D40AF7

  • Front-mounted coil connections with a wide nominal voltage tolerance of +10% to -20%
  • There are four small frame sizes for 150A applications.
  • Wiring cables with irregular cross sections is safer and simpler when dual box terminals are used.
  • With the help of new plug-in technology, connecting to other contactors and accessories doesn’t require a tool, which saves time and lowers wiring errors.
  • 110/690 VAC, 300 VDC Coil
  • 40/60 A Maximum Load Current
  • 13/16 VA Coil, 3 Pole, 50/60 Hz Frequency
  • 3NO Contact Configuration, 1NO-1NC Auxiliary Contacts
  • Din Rail or Surface Mounting

Applications of Schneider AC Contactor LC1D40AF7

  • Commonly used in the control of large air conditioning systems.
  • Lighting system to control the switch of lights.
  • Used for compressor control in refrigeration systems.
  • In motor control, the motor can realize normal start-stop and reverse operation.
  • Used in power capacitor banks to control the connection and disconnection of capacitors
  • Used in the automation control of industrial production lines

Specification of Schneider AC Contactor LC1D40AF7

Starter Model LC1D
Starter Coil Voltage 24 VDC
Starter HP 2 HP @ 115 VAC 1 Phase
Starter HP 7.5 HP @ 200/208 VAC 3 Phase
Starter HP 5 HP @ 230/240 VAC 1 Phase
Starter HP 10 HP @ 230/240 VAC 3 Phase
Starter HP 30 HP @ 575/600 VAC 3 Phase
Starter HP 20 HP @ 460/480 VAC 3 Phase
Component IEC Contactor
Sub Component TeSys D IEC Contactor
Starter Poles Three Pole
Manufacturer Schneider Electric
Starter Amperage 40 Amp
Starter Auxiliary Contacts 3 NO