AMC16-DETT DC Smart Meter

AMC16-DETT DC Smart Meter is specially designed for base stations. The meter could measure 6 circuits DC energy, and provide the power supply for the matched hall sensors. Meanwhile, it can realize zero drift calibration by upper computer software.It also has the functions of telemetering,teleindication,teleadjusting, metering at real time, energy quality abnormal alarm, data storage and processing, data interaction. This meter can measure DC power consumption of three operators, providing detail datas for base station.



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Features of AMC16-DETT DC Smart Meter

  • DC rated voltage: 1 channel: -48VDC
  • Rated Input Current:6 Channels:0~5VDC(with Hall sensor)
  • Accuracy:1%In≤I≤10%In error±2.5%; I>10%In error±2%
  • DIN Rail 35 mm

Specification of AMC16-DETT DC Smart Meter

Technical Parameter
DC Rated Voltage
1 Channel: -48VDC
DC Current
6 Channels Hall Sensor Output is 5V, Current Ratio Can be Set According to the Actual Ratio
Commercial Power Monitoring
1 Channel: 0-5VDC
Overload Capacity
Voltage: 1.2 Times Continued, 2 Times Continued 1s
Current: 1.2 Times Continued, 10 Times Continued 1s
Accuracy(Superposition Hall Sensor)
1% In ≤ I ≤ 10% In Error ±2.5%; I>10% In Error ±2%
Measurement Resolution
Voltage Output Accuracy 0.01V; Current Output Accuracy 0.01A;
Power Output Accuracy 0.01kW; Energy Output Accuracy 0.01kWh
Auxiliary Power Supply
Voltage Range
Power Consumption
Whole Device ≤ 2W (No Hall Power Supply Output)
It has the storage function of historical power data and historical alarm information, and the memory is 2MB
Insulation Resistance
Working: -20-60℃; Storage: -40-70℃
≤98% No Condensation, No Corrosive Gas Place
Protection Level
Material Flame Retardent
Terminal Glow Wire Temperature 960℃ ±10℃, Shell Glow Wire Temperature 650℃ ±15℃
Standard 35mm Din Rail
Lighting Protection
Voltage Input (Differential Mode)
Peak Value 5kA
Auxiliary Power Supply (Differential Mode)
Peak Value 5kA


Wiring Diagram of AMC16-DETT DC Smart Meter

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