SPM90 DC KWH Meter Single Phase

SPM90 DC Kwh Meter is designed for scenarios such as DC panels, charging piles and telecom base stations. This meter series can measure voltage, current, power, and active energy in a DC system. It is used as a local display and in a measuring system.

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Feature of SPM90 DC KWH Meter

  • Real-time measure one circuit DC voltage, current, power, kWh
  • High accuracy: Class 0.5
  • One LED indicates pulse output
  • RS485 port, MODBUS-RTU or DL/T645 protocol (optional)
  • 35mm DIN rail installing, standard DIN ED5002
  • Shunt: 100A, 200A, 300A

Specification of SPM90 DC KWH Meter

single phase energy meter DC KWH Meter

Dimension of SPM90 DC KWH Meter

dimension fo DC KWH Meter single phase