DCM230 DC Energy Meter for Solar Panels

DCM230 DC Energy Meter for Solar Panels, the single load din rail DC energy meter, supports 5-1000V DC voltage, RS485 Modbus/ DLT645 communication, were designed for DC energy systems. It can measure multi-parameters like current, voltage, power, frequency, import and export energy, and so on in the DC energy system. Besides a pulse output interface, an RS485 port was provided for  Modbus RTU or DLT-645 protocol. The DCM230 meter has two versions working with AC or DC power supply.

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Features of DCM230 DC Energy Meter for Solar Panels

  • Single Load DC meter
  • Two Module Mini Size
  • LCD Display with Backlit
  • Voltage Input 5…1000V DC
  • Current Input 75mV/60mV/ 45mV available
  • Precision Monitoring Solution for DC systems
  • Bi-directional Measurement
  • Pulse Output & RS485 Modbus RTU

Specification of DCM230 DC Energy Meter for Solar Panels

Electrical Characteristics
Type of Measurement RMS on DC energy system (1P+N)
Measurement Accuracy Power 1% of range maximum
Active Energy 1% of range maximum
Current 0.5% of range maximum
Voltage 0.5% of range maximum


Input & Output
Input-Voltage Range 5-1000V DC
5-600V DC
5-300V DC
Power consumption ≤0.5VA
Input-Current Shunt 75mV in default, 45/60mV optional
Power consumption ≤0.1VA
Output DCM230 Pulse Output + RS485 Modbus


Modbus Communications
Interface Standard and Protocol RS485 and MODBUS RTU
Communication Address 1~247
Transmission Distance 1000m Maximum
Transmission Speed 1200bps~19200bps
Parity None (default), Odd, Even
Stop Bits 1 or 2