CG DIN Type FL-2D Shunt 600A

The CG DIN Type FL-2D Shunt rated at 600A serves as a DC resistance resistor shunt suitable for both voltmeters and ammeters

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Features of CG DIN Type FL-2D Shunt 600A

  • Significant precision
  • Exceptional capacity for handling heavy loads
  • Temperature fluctuations tend to impact stability under heat

Applications of CG DIN Type FL-2D Shunt 600A

  • Frequently employed in managing extensive air conditioning systems.
  • Utilized for regulating lighting systems, facilitating light switch control.
  • Applied to oversee compressor operations within refrigeration systems.
  • In motor control, it enables regular start-stop and reverse operations.
  • Incorporated into power capacitor banks to govern capacitor connections and disconnections.
  • Utilized for automation control in industrial production lines.


Specification of CG DIN Type FL-2D Shunt 600A

Color Red Or Yellow
Current Rating 600A
Operating Temperature -40°C ~+60°C
Voltage Drop 50mV/60mV/75mV/100mV


Accuracy Class 0.5/0.2(Customized 0.1)
Material Copper+Manganin
Overload Capacity 120% Of Rated Current For 2H
Function Are Used To Multiply

The Measuring Range

Of Current Of Measuring


Application Use For DC Digital Amp Meter