CG FL-2 1 Shunt 10A DC Current Shunt

CG FL-2 1 Shunt 10A is used for DC equipment. it is designed to measure electric current and provide accurate readings for devices operating on a direct current (DC) power supply.

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Features of CG FL-2 1 Shunt 10A DC Current Shunt

  • The device or system is capable of providing precise and accurate results or measurements.
  • The device or system can handle a higher-than-normal workload without significant performance degradation or failure.
  • The device or system experiences changes in stability and performance when subjected to high temperatures or heat.

Applications of CG FL-2 1 Shunt 10A DC Current Shunt


  • Commonly utilized for large air conditioning system control.
  • Lighting system control for switching lights.
  • Refrigeration systems use it for compressor control.
  • Motor control allows for normal start-stop and reverse operation.
  • Power capacitor banks use it to control capacitor connection and disconnection.
  • Industrial production line automation control.

Specification of CG FL-2 1 Shunt 10A DC Current Shunt

Color Black & Silver
Current Rating 10A
Operating Temperature -40°C ~+60°C
Voltage Drop 50mV/60mV/75mV/100mV(costomized)
Accuracy Class 0.5/0.2(Customized 0.1)
Material Copper+Manganin
Overload Capacity 120% Of Rated Current For 2H
Function Are Used To Multiply

The Measuring Range

Of Current Of Measuring


Application Use For DC Digital Amp Meter