25 KWh Stackable Home Battery

A 25 KWh stackable home battery refers to a device that can store renewable energy such as household solar energy and wind energy for emergency use. It is mainly composed of energy storage battery pack, inverter, controller, and so on.

During the day, the home energy storage system can convert the electrical energy collected by the solar panels into electrical energy and store it in the battery pack. At night or in rainy weather, the system can convert the stored electric energy into household electricity through the inverter according to demand. Home energy storage systems can reduce household electricity costs, and reduce dependence on traditional energy sources and energy waste and pollution.

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Features of Stackable Home Battery

  • 5KWh modular design, 5~25KWh can be expanded
  • LFP battery, stackable design
  • Modular installation, perfect match
  • Compatible with 1.5~11KW inverter
  • Long-term charge and discharge cycle
  • Using multi-level energy management
  • Multiple parallel machines, automatic address acquisition,
  • Easy to install and maintain

Applications of Stackable Home Battery

  • Balance power load, improve grid power supply quality,
  • Emergency backup power supply to ensure power supply
  • Solar power storage to reduce electricity costs
  • Energy saving and environmental protection, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions
  • Remotely monitor and control battery status and power

Specification of Stackable Home Battery

Stored Energy 5KWh 10KWh 15KWh 20KWh 25KWh
Rated power 5KW(optional1.5~11KW).
Phase No. Single phase
Expandable batteries No. 1 2 3 4 5
Rated voltage 51.2V
Battery capacity 100A
Continuous discharge current 150A<3S
Standard charging current 50A
Fast charge current 100A
Optional capacity range 5KWh~25KWh
Battery type LiFePO4
Cycle life >2500time
Battery voltage range 40~58.4V
Power Module
Grid voltage Range Appliances:90~280Vac;UPS:170~280Vac
Rated Grid Frequency 50Hz/60Hz(Auto detection)
PV Maximum Input Power 4500W
PV maximum open-circuit voltage 450V
MPPT Voltage Range 120~430V
The charging and discharging efficiency of the whole machine 93%
(D*W*H),mm 602*403*663 602*403*863 602*403*1063 602*403*1263 602*403*1463
Net weight, kg 80kg 135kg 190kg 245kg 300kg
Installation method Floor mounted
Operating temperature range Charging temperature:0~45C;

Discharging temperature:-20°℃~60°℃.

Humidity 5%~95%
Maximum working altitude 4000m(Duration up 1500m
Cooling method Forced air cooling,
Dust/Waterproof IP21
Executive standards CE, RCM, CEC. VDE2510-50.IEC62619,IEC 60730,UN38.3.