3.5KW/5.5KW Off Grid Solar Inverter

A 3.5KW/5.5KW Off Grid Solar Inverter is a power device used to convert direct current (DC) power into alternating current (AC) power to meet the power needs of off-grid systems. An off-grid system refers to a system that does not rely on public grid power supply, but generates electricity through independent energy systems (such as solar panels, wind turbines, etc.).

Off-grid inverter control all-in-one machine, supporting mains power and photovoltaic solar energy input; DPS digital control technology, double conversion online design, input PFC technology, input power up to 0.99, high-efficiency inverter topology, higher output efficiency; battery balancing function Optimize battery performance, higher energy storage efficiency; mains/photovoltaic/battery/multi-mode optimal output; support battery cold start; built-in dust filter kit, suitable for harsh environments; support WIFI communication (optional).

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  • Pure Sine wave solar inverter.
  • Output power factor
  • High PV input voltage range 120-450V
  • Built-in 100A MPPT solar charger
  • Battery equalization function to optimize battery
  • performance and extend lifecycle
  • Built-in anti-dust kit for harsh environment.
  • Support working without battery



  • Power tools; Electric Saw, Drilling Machine, Grinder, Sand blast Machine, Punching Machine, Weeding Machine, Air Compressor etc.
  • Office Applications; Computer, Printer, LCD Monitor, Scanner etc.
  • Household Appliance Applications; Vacuum Cleaner, Fan, Lamp or LED, Sewing Machine etc.
  • Kitchen Appliance Applications; Microwave, Fridge, Freezer, Coffee maker etc.



Line Mode Specifications VMll Plus 3.5KW VMll Plus 5.5KW
Rated Power 3500VA /3500W 5500VA / 5500w
Voltage 230VAC
Voltage Range 170-280 VAC(for PC) or 90-280 VAC(for Home Appliances)
Frequency Range 60/50Hz (Auto sensing)
AC voltage Ragulation (Bat Mode) 230vac±5%
Surge Power 6000VA 10000VA
Efficiency(Peak) 90%~93%
Transfer Time 10 ms (for Personal Computers); 20ms(for Home Appliances)
Waveform Pure sine wave
Battery Voltage 24 VDC 48 VDC
Floating Charging voltage 27 VDC 54 VDC
Overcharge Protection 33 VDC 63 VDC
Solar Charger & AC Charger
Solar Charge Type MPPT
Max PV Array Open Circuit Voltage 500VDC 500VDC
Max PV Array Open Circuit Power 5000 W 5500 W
MPP Range@Operating Voltage 120-450VDC 120-450VDC
Maximum Solar Charge Current 100A 100A
Maximum AC charge Current 100A 100A
Maximum Charge Current 100A 100A
Dimension (D*W*H),mm 100x300x440
Net weight, kg 10kg 10.5kg
Communication interface USB/RS232
Humidity 5-95%Relative Humidity (Non-condensing)
Operating Temperature -10°C to 50℃
Storage Temperature -15°C to 60℃


Wiring method