600SPP Selec Phase Failure Relay

600SPP selec phase failure relay is Three-phase Phase-sequence Phase-loss Relay Using Voltage Detection Method. 22.5 mm (W). Two SPDT output relays

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Feature of 600SPP Single Phase Preventer, 1 SPDT relay

  • Monitors Phase loss & Phase Asymmetry
  • 3P-3W wiring configuration
  • Relay output: 1 C/O SPDT
  • Supply voltage: 154-520 V AC (L-L)

Specifications of 600SPP Single Phase Preventer, 1 SPDT relay

Measuring Parameter Monitors : Phase Failure, Phase Imbalance
Electrical Connection 3Ø-3W
Nominal Voltage 415V AC (L-L)
Operating Voltage 154 to 520V AC
Functional Specification Phase Failure Trip : 3Ø voltage <154V AC,
Phase Imbalance : <30V,
Phase Failure : Yes,
Hysteresis : 6V,
Trip Accuracy : ±10V<154V AC,
Response Time : max 200ms,
Power On Delay : 3sec
Accuracy Accuracy ±3% of F.S. (F.S. = Full Scale)
Reset Condition Auto reset on removal of fault condition
Output Contact Output Contact : SPDT (1 C/O)
Contact Rating : NO/5A, NC/3A@250V AC
Size 17.5 X 90 mm
Mounting Type DIN rail Mount