AFR-3- Blue Jay Arc Protection Relay

The Arc protection relays are mainly used to detect arc faults in electrical systems and protect equipment and personnel in electrical systems from arc faults. Arc protection relays can detect arcs by monitoring parameters such as current, voltage, and electric power, and quickly disconnect the power supply before an electrical fire occurs, thereby reducing the risk of fire.

Arc protection relays are usually used in medium and high voltage power distribution systems, control cabinets, transformers, generators, motors and other electrical equipment. They adopt the dual-criteria principle of arc light detection and overcurrent detection, and have the characteristics of fast protection action and high reliability.

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  • Continuous system self-supervision
  • Event logs, disturbance recording and real-time clock
  • Three-phase current, Zero-sequence current
  • Two change-over alarm contacts including IF
  • Complete digital design, simple principle;
  • Strong electrical performance;
  • Comprehensive record of fault information;
  • Double criterion of over-current and arc, high reliability;
  • Optical fiber transmits, strong electromagnetic interference resistance;
  • Programmable logic of trip exit;
  • Fast exit tripping, short total fault clearing time.



  • Reduce the harm of arc light to human body;
  • Reduce damage to equipment caused by arc short-circuit faults;
  • Avoid transformer damage caused by bus failure;
  • Protect the dc system in the station;
  • Ensure the stable operation of power substations;
  • Thermal power plant electrical section switchgear;
  • Wind farm and photovoltaic station switchgear;
  • Large municipal engineering project;



Basic parameters
Rated working voltage DC24V
AC current 5A or 1A (specify when ordering)
Frequency 50HZ
Working power consumption Working normally, ≤ 3W

Protection operates, ≤ 6W

AC current loop consumption < 1VA/phase (IN =5A);

< 0.5VA/phase (IN =1A);

Current working range 0.08In~10In
Time working range 0~99s
Setting accuracy ≤±5%;
Time accuracy <±1%*setting time+20ms
The whole group action time Single criterion ≤ 7ms

Double criterion ≤ 20ms

Arc signal input
Input type Passive optical signal
Input quantity 3
Interface type: Optical fiber
Output contact capacity
A) Export relay: (3 routes)
Contact rated current carrying capacity 250Vac/220Vdc, 5A
Output type Passive (NO/NC)
B) Signal relay: (1 way)
Contact rated current carrying capacity 250Vac/220Vdc, 5A
Output type Passive (NO/NC)
Address 1~99
Communication interface
Electrical characteristics RS485
Transmission method Asynchronous
Communication protocol Modbus RTU
Communication medium Shielded twisted pair
Working temperature -30 ~ 70°C
Storage temperature -40 ~ +85°C
Humidity 5~95%RH
Electromagnetic compatibility
Electrostatic discharge test IEC 60255-22-2:2008. level-4
Fast transient dry resistance test IEC 60255-22-4:2008. level-A
1mhz burst interference test IEC 60255-22-1-2007. level-3
Electrical disturbance test IEC 60255-22-2:2008.level-3
Surge immunity test IEC 60255-22-5:2008