AFR3-05 Arc Detection Relay

The Arc Detection Relay is made in the form of a block (having output relays for connecting to executive bodies and an RJ-45 connector for connecting to an Ethernet network) installed in the relay compartment of the cell, and three arc sensors placed in controlled compartments.

The AFR3-05 Arc protection device Device has the same landing dimensions and connection scheme, uses the same arc sensors as the AFR3-05 Arc protection device Device. This allows it to be used in existing circuits without any modifications.

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  • The device has three arc sensors – according to the number of possible closed volumes of the KRU, KRUN or KSO cell.
  • The device is designed to fix the moment of occurrence of an electric arc using optical sensors. The response time of the device in the event of an arc discharge is determined by the GOOSE message generation time (no more than 0.5 ms) or the response (closing) time of the output relays (no more than 8 ms).
  • The device allows you to reliably record the moment of occurrence of an electric arc against the background of optical and radio frequency interference (flashlight, incandescent lamps, fluorescent, direct sunlight, radiation from portable radio stations, cell phones, etc.).
  • The device provides protection against false alarms in the event of high-power impulse electromagnetic interference.
  • The device ensures the formation of a GOOSE message no later than 0.5 ms from the moment the arc occurs and the operation of the output relays no later than 10 ms.
  • The device uses a normally closed “Failure” relay, which opens when there is an operating voltage (power supply) and during normal operation (integrity) of the arc sensors.
  • In case of violation of the integrity of the arc sensor, a GOOSE message is generated, the “Failure” relay closes, and the “FAULT” indicator turns on. The performance of the device channels is not violated.
  • Arc sensors are made in the form of optical fiber with a receiving ring that perceives radiation in all directions.



  • Reduce the harm of arc light to human body;
  • Reduce damage to equipment caused by arc short-circuit faults;
  • Avoid transformer damage caused by bus failure;
  • Protect the dc system in the station;
  • Ensure the stable operation of power substations;
  • Thermal power plant electrical section switchgear;
  • Wind farm and photovoltaic station switchgear;
  • Large municipal engineering project;



  • Frequency: 45 to 55 Hz)
  • Current, voltage: 80 to 242
  • Power consumption: no more than 5W
  • Device actuation time (GOOSE/relay): no more than 0.5/10ms
  • Number of arc sensors from: 1 to 3
  • number of output relays / contact groups (dry contact): 6 (12)
  • Overall dimensions: 165x150x45mm
  • Weight: no more than 1kg
  • Universal supply voltage: 110V/220V DC and AC;
  • Support for the IEC 61850 protocol.