AFS/AFM60 SSI Precise, flexible, programmable Absolute encoders

The AFS/AFM60 SSI offers a maximum total resolution of up to 30 bits (AFM60), a large selection of programmable parameters, good concentricity properties, and a compact design. Thanks to the combination of high resolution and high enclosure rating, the encoders are suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications. Variants with a stainless-steel housing are available for applications in harsh environments. The AFS/AFM60 SSI are equipped as standard with an SSI interface, and the AFM60 is also available with combined SSI and incremental as well as SSI and sin/cos interfaces. The encoders can be programmed via the PGT-08-S PC-based programming device or the PGT-10-Pro hand-held programming device.
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Benefits of AFS/AFM60 SSI Absolute encoders

  • Their high resolution and measurement accuracy enable them to be used in demanding applications
  • Application-specific solutions thanks to various mechanical interfaces
  • Simple to mount due to compact design, even when space is limited
  • Programmability ensures reduced storage, high machine availability, and easy installation
  • Suitable programming tools for every application are available as accessories
  • High resistance to environmental influences due to stainless-steel housing (Inox versions)
  • High impermeability due to enclosure rating up to IP67

Features of AFS/AFM60 SSI Absolute encoders

  • High-resolution absolute encoder with up to 30 bits (AFM60) or 18 bits (AFS60)
  • Various types of solid and hollow shaft
  • Connection: M12 male connector, M23 male connector or cable
  • Communication interfaces: SSI, SSI + incremental, SSI + Sin/Cos
  • Programmable (type-dependent)
  • Stainless steel (Inox versions)
  • Enclosure rating up to IP67