ARS60 Reliable and established Absolute Encoders

The modular setup of its CoreTech technology enables the compact ARS60 absolute singleturn encoder to provide a customized solution for all applications. All common mechanical variants are available with any number of increments between 2 and 32,768 and are either equipped with an SSI or parallel output, making the ARS60 a universal solution for nearly any application requirements.
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Benefits of ARS60 Absolute encoders

  • Freely programmable resolution (up to 15 bits)
  • Easy zero adjustment directly on the encoder by pressing a button or via sub cable (cable version)
  • Suitable for all mounting methods thanks to the individual mechanical interfaces
  • A versatile base model thanks to the easily exchangeable collets for the blind hollow shaft and through hollow shaft
  • Versions with cable and M23 connector connection in axial and radial designs available

Features of ARS60 Absolute encoders

  • Absolute singleturn encoder
  • Resolution: up to 15 bits (32,768 increments)
  • Electrical interface: SSI with gray code type or gray capped
  • Electrical interface: Parallel with gray, gray capped, binary, BCD code type
  • Zero-set function
  • Mechanical interfaces: face mount flange, servo flange, blind and through hollow shaft
  • Enclosure rating: Up to IP66