BJ-600B Feeder Protection Relay

This low-voltage Feeder Protection Relay is suitable for the protection and monitoring of low-voltage lines with rated voltage below 690V and rated current up to 820A. This series of products monitors on-site signals in real time and provides system protection against harm to the line caused by faults such as overload, overcurrent, undervoltage, overvoltage, grounding or leakage, etc. It can realize a variety of operation control functions and also has measurement capabilities.,self-diagnosis, maintenance management, fieldbus communication and other functions.

The low-voltage line protector implements measurement functions, protection functions, opening and closing control functions and remote communication functions; it has 10 channels of switching value monitoring, which can be configured as needed, and supports MODBUS-RTU communication bus.

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  • Full power measurement, full Chinese display with color TFT screen
  • Built-in 5-way relay, which can be set to protection mode and measurement and control mode.
  • It has complete protection functions, and each protection function can realize protection shutdown, alarm or trip.
  • Save the latest 100 trip records.
  • All inputs and outputs can be programmed to set their functions.
  • Optional 100 fault recording function
  • Programmable analog output function, standard RS-485 communication interface
  • Modular design, small size and flexible structure; the same size as the standard Type 96.
  • Can measure voltage, current, temperature and frequency signals to provide more basis for protection
  • Ultra-wide operating power supply AC85-265V



  • Single-phase voltage and frequency monitoring of machines and electrical installations
  • Earth fault monitoring in medium-voltage systems via voltage transformers
  • Monitoring of battery systems
  • Switching on and switching off at a certain voltage level



  • Rated voltage: AC380V AC660V
  • Rated current: 0.5-820A
  • Working temperature: -10℃~+55℃
  • Storage temperature: -25℃~+70℃
  • Relative humidity ≤93%RH
  • Altitude: no more than 3000 meters
  • Auxiliary power supply: AC/DC 85-265V
  • Power consumption: <10VA
  • Insulation resistance:>100MΩ
  • Relay: 5A/AC250V, 5A/30VDC (normally open contact)
  • Electrostatic discharge: Severity level: Level III
  • Electrical fast transient pulse group: Severity level: Level III
  • Surge impact: Severity level: Level III
  • Withstand voltage characteristics: AC2kV/1min between power supply/input/output
  • GB/T14048.1-2012 Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment General principles;
  • GB/T14048.5-2008 Low-voltage switchgear and control settings Control circuit electrical appliances and switching components