CZ3066T AI 2 Channels Loop Powered Signal Isolator

CZ3066T AI 2 Channels Loop Powered Signal Isolator range signal conditioners are electrical devices, which are connected between the industrial field instrument and the control room. They effectively solve the field interference of industrial automation control systems and ensure stable and reliable operation of the system through reliable galvanic isolation among the power supply, input, and output. The product model is rich, and basically covers various signal

isolation, conversion, distribution and other functional requirements in the automatic control system.

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  • 24V DC loop power supply
  • 4~20mA current source input
  • 4~20mA sink mode output



  • Signal change & process value scaling.
  • Filtration of noise
  • Protect against EMC
  • Crosstalk elimination
  • Electrostatic filtration
  • Ground loops elimination



Module CZ3066T
Input Current 4~20mA
Input Impedance ≤100Ω
Output Current 4~20mA
Output Voltage Drop ≤14V
Load Resistance RL≤(Ue-14)/0.02
Supply Voltage(Ue) 20~30V DC
Power Reverse Protection Support
Transmission Accuracy 0.2%F.S
Temperature Drift 0.01%F.S./℃
Response Time(0~90%) ≤0.5 ms
Dielectric Strength 1500VAC; 1 min
Insulation Resistance ≥100MΩ; 500VDC
EMC Standard IEC 61326-1
Ambient Temperature -20℃~60℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~80℃
Relative Humidity 10%~90%
Environmental requirements The air should not contain any medium corrupting the coat of chrome, nickel and silver. Moreover, violent quiver and impact or any cause of electromagnetic induction (such as big current or spark, etc.) must be avoided when using
Suitable Field Apparatus Current source
Flammability Rating UL94/V0
Weight Approx.150g
Dimensions Depth: 114.5mm  Height:99.0mm  Width: 17.5mm
Material PA
Degree of Protection IP 20


Note: It is not allowed to use HHC (HART hand-held communicator) in input and output at the same time.