SM500 GIC Under Voltage Relay

GIC Under Voltage Relay SM500 MG73BH 240 VAC 3 Phase/1 Phase Voltage Monitoring Relay is a premium quality product. It is configured as a 3 phase 4 wire or a 1 phase system with voltage sensing feature. It protects against Phase loss, Phase Reversal and Phase Asymmetry.

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Feature of GIC Voltage Monitoring Series SM500

  • Protects against Phase Loss, Phase Reversal & Phase Asymmetry
  • Can be configured for 3 Phase 4 Wire or 1 Phase system
  • Selectable Over Voltage / Under Voltage Trip level
  • Selectable Time Delay
  • LED Indications for Power and Fault conditions
  • Voltage Sensing principle
  • 1 C/O or 2 C/O Configuration

Specifications of GIC Voltage Monitoring Series SM500