DDSY5558-2p Kwh Meter Single Phase

DDSY5558-2p Kwh Meter Single Phase is a new type of single phase, two wire active energy meter that uses sophisticated digital and SMT techniques, imports large-scale integrated circuits, and employs micro-electronics technology. It is a revolutionary single phase, two wire active energy meter with minimal dimensions. It has previously successfully completed the CE international authority test.

The meter fully complies with the pertinent technical specifications of the international standard IEC 62053-21 for class 1 single phase active energy meters. It is capable of measuring the active energy consumption at 50 Hz or 60 Hz from a single phase AC electrical net with accuracy and directness. This meter displays the active energy usage through eight-digit LCD monitors with a white backlight source. Some of its features are its good reliability, small volume, light weight, elegant appearance, ease of installation, and so on.

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  • Measurement of total active energy in both directions
  • Installation of a standard DIN rail measuring 25 mm in accordance with DIN En50022.
  • Modules measuring 17.5 mm for a single pole width conform to DIN43880 standards.
  • Compact modular size.
  • By determining where energy is being used, distribution boards, load centers, tiny, and other items may be installed easily.


  • All power parameter measurement;
  • Energy measurement and electrical fire monitor and control;
  • Replacing the three-phase power meter, three phase electricity transmitter;
  • Transformers, generators, capacitors and electric motors distributed detection;
  • Medium and low pressure systems;
  • SCADA, EMS, DCS integrators.