DDSY5558 Single Phase Smart Meter

An IEC 61036 compliant single phase smart meter is the DDSY5558. The meter uses low power consumption, high precision, and micro-electronic technology.

Its high dependability and extended service life are dependent on the adoption of large-scale integration (LSI) and surface mounting technology (SMT), as well as the use of components with renowned international brands. The modern single-chip processing technology of the meter operates data, and it is constructed with airtight ABS material that is resistant to fire.

After there is not enough electricity left, the meter will sound an alert to alert the user to buy more, and it will automatically turn off the power after the electricity is used up. Additionally, it can set a maximum power consumption limit. The anti-tamper function is optional. Every meter is compatible with a single memory card, and using a card read device, the meter and card can communicate data in both directions. Even if the user loses their card, they won’t lose power because fresh cards are accepted.

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  • LCD energy display
  • Set a maximum power consumption limit.
  • Automatic power off in the event of overload and warning of low electricity
  • Turn off the electricity when it is used up.
  • production of pulses



  • All power parameter measurement;
  • Energy measurement and electrical fire monitor and control;
  • Replacing the three-phase power meter, three phase electricity transmitter;
  • Transformers, generators, capacitors and electric motors distributed detection;
  • Medium and low pressure systems;
  • SCADA, EMS, DCS integrators.



Parameters Value
Rated Voltage 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V
Reference frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Basic Current (Maximum 5(20) 10(40) 、10(60)A 20(80) 、
Current)A 30(100)
Applicable Standard IEC 61036-2000
Service Lifetime 10 years
Accuracy Class Class1, Class2
Working Temperature -10℃~+75℃
Starting current Class 1=0.004Ib; Class 2=0.005Ib.
Working Voltage Range 0.7~1.2Un
Power consumption =2W、5VA
Over voltage protection 6kV
Relative humidity =95%