Delta ms300 Delta VFD AC Variable Frequency Drives

The Delta ms300 Delta VFD AC Variable Frequency Drives is a compact vector drive that supports both IM and PM motor control and includes an STO (Safe Torque Off) function.

Built-in functions include PLC capacity for simple programming, communication slot and a USB port to make data uploads quick and easy!

STO, when activated, will stop the drive from providing power. This can be used to prevent unexpected motor rotation while the drive remains connected to a power supply.

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  • Supports Open loop control of IM and PM motors.
  • Output frequency: Standard models: 0 to 599 Hz; High speed models: 0 to 1500 Hz (V/f Control).
  • Dual rating design: 120% for 60 seconds for Normal Duty (ND); 150% for 60 seconds for Heavy Duty (HD).
  • Built-in PLC program with 2K steps capacity.
  • Removable 5-digit LED keypad for remote operation.
  • Safety standard compliance: Safe Torque Off (SIL2/PLd).
  • Multi-motor Controlbuilt-in four IM motor control parameters.
  • Optional built-in Class A (C2) standard EMC filter for 1-phase 230V, 3-phase 460V models.
  • One high speed pulse input terminals MI7 built-in with maximum speed up to 33kHz.
  • One high speed pulse output terminals DFM built-in with maximum speed up to 33kHz.
  • New PCB coating for circuit (IEC 60721-3-3 class 3C2) and thermal design suitable for harsh environment applications.
  • Built-in one slot do communication card installation : CANopen, PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet, MODBUS TCP, EtherNet/IP.
  • Built-in brake choppers for the entire series.


  • Machine tools
  • Textile machines
  • Woodworking machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Electronics
  • Fans
  • Pumps
  • Air compressors


  • Input: 1 Phase/220 VAC & Output: 3Phase/230v
  • Motor Type: AC Motor
  • Control / Drive Type: Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Interface: USB, RS-485
  • Mounting Type: Chassis Mount
  • Operating Temperature: 20°C ~ 60°C
  • Power Rating: Please Select mention Below
  • Motor Rating: Please Select mention Below
  • Power Supply Voltage: 220 VAC
  • Input Frequency: 50 Hz
  • IP Rating: IP20
WEIGHT 1500 g
WARRANTY 1 year by the manufacturer
SHIPPING Usually with in 24hrs
CALL/WHATSAPP Bulk Order/Any Product Related Query/Any product that you need to Call Us at +91 8674815925
POWER/MOTOR RATING 0.4KW/0.5HP, 0.75KW/1HP, 1.5KW/2HP, 2.2KW/3HP, 3.7KW/5HP, 5.5KW/7.5HP, 7.5KW/10HP, 11KW/15HP, 15KW/20HP, 18.5KW/25HP, 22KW/30HP