DoblePRIME PD-Guard PD Monitoring System

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  • Monitor partial discharge and configure monitor via computer, tablet or web-enabled device
  • Works with a variety of sensors including antenna for airborne PD, CTs for individual or bundled conductors, UHF drain valve probes for in-tank applications and bushing tap connectors
  • Built-in Expert System learns PD behavior and indicates changes in frequency and/or severity of measured PD levels
  • Alarm relays for external notification
  • Broadband RF signal detection including peak, average and quasi-peak


  • Monitor PD in critical and high-risk assets
  • Save costly equipment by quickly reacting to rapid insulation deterioration warnings
  • Identify problem areas, diagnose the severity of the situation and plan action and intervention
  • Plan for further testing, maintenance and replacements in a proactive, risk management approach
  • Use as a standalone product, networked to existing SCADA system, or as part of a doblePRIME Condition Monitoring Platform