Eaton Arc Flash Relay

The Eaton Arc Flash Relay (EAFR) system is a combination    of arc flash relay modules and sensors designed to detect and clear arc flash events in low and medium voltage elec- trical assemblies.

An arc fault is the most devastating type of fault in medium voltage (MV) and low voltage (LV) switchgear. If an arc fault occurs, the EAFR system reduces arc energy by quickly clearing the current feeding the arc.

The EAFR system can measure both light and current to eliminate nuisance operation. In addition, it’s modular design makes it an excellent candidate for both new and retrofit installations.

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  • Continuous system self-supervision
  • Event logs, disturbance recording and real-time clock
  • Three-phase current, Zero-sequence current
  • Two change-over alarm contacts including IF
  • Complete digital design, simple principle;
  • Strong electrical performance;
  • Comprehensive record of fault information;
  • Double criterion of over-current and arc, high reliability;
  • Optical fiber transmits, strong electromagnetic interference resistance;
  • Programmable logic of trip exit;
  • Fast exit tripping, short total fault clearing time.



  • Reduce the harm of arc light to human body;
  • Reduce damage to equipment caused by arc short-circuit faults;
  • Avoid transformer damage caused by bus failure;
  • Protect the dc system in the station;
  • Ensure the stable operation of power substations;
  • Thermal power plant electrical section switchgear;
  • Wind farm and photovoltaic station switchgear;
  • Large municipal engineering project;