Eaton Fuse Bussmann Series Low Voltage NH Fuses

Eaton Fuse Bussmann series low voltage NH fuses range from 2 amps to 1250 amps and provide world class leading performance and reliability. The range is fully compliant with IEC 60269-1, 60269-2, VDE 0636-2 third party approval and DIN 43620. Incorporating a dual indicator design (front and top) NH fuses are able to give both local visual indication and remote (via microswitch) fuse status. Eaton’s Bussmann series NH fuses are available in the following operating classes gg, gff and am.<br>

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  • Products are manufactured with high-quality materials and advanced craftsmanship.
  • The product has good stability and can be used for a long time.
  • The product has been strictly tested and has high reliability.
  • The product is designed for ease of use, saving time and effort.
  • Products consider environmental factors and are sustainable.
  • The appearance design of the product is fashionable and beautiful.
  • The product complies with safety standards and is safe and reliable during use.


  • Power systems: Protect motors, transformers and other electrical equipment in power systems from overload and short-circuit damage
  • Used to protect circuits, electrical components and motors in industrial control systems to prevent equipment damage caused by current overload or short circuit
  • Used to prevent overloading of electrical circuits in buildings and real estate projects, protecting wires, sockets and other electrical equipment
  • Used in automobiles, trains, boats and other vehicles to protect circuits and electronic equipment from damage caused by current overload
  • Used in household appliances, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, etc., to prevent electrical equipment from being overloaded or short-circuited to cause fire or equipment damage


Connection Blade end
Fuse indicator Combination fuse status indicator
Breaking capacity 120
Construction size NH00
Voltage rating 500 V
Insulated metal gripping lugs (IMGL) No
Fuse shape Square body|Knife blade contacts
Contact material Metal plated copper
Class Class gG/gL
Interrupt rating 120 kAIC
Rated switching capacity 120
Frequency rating – max 62
Special features Live gripping lug
Fuse type Square body with knife blade contact
Frequency rating – min 45
Voltage type AC
Type fuse
Quantity 3
Construction NH00
Utilization category gL/gG (cable protection/equipment protection)
Material Ceramic body
Application industrial|Utilities, Solar, Wind
Amperage Rating 160 A
Fitted with: Metal gripping lugs
Accessory/spare part type SDL-00 Solid link|FEH- Fuse extraction handle|TD00-IP20 IP protection kit|TD00-IP20I Integral protection kit|TD00-IP20IC Integral Triple pole protection kit including fuse covers
Suitable for SD00-D Single pole NH Fuse base|TD00-D Tripe pole NH Fuse base|Microswitch 170H0236|EBH Size 00 to 4 Horizontal fuse switch-disconnectors
Fuse size NH00
Rated voltage AC 500