Eaton PLC Easy-E4 Nano Programmable Logic Controllers

The Eaton PLC easyE4 control relay allows for control systems that are efficient, flexible and easy to implement. The new easyE4 range is significantly more compact than the previous easy500, easy700, and easy800 Series Thanks to the flexible expansion with up to 11 modules to a maximum of 188 inputs/outputs, as well as the large voltage range, the easyE4 is ideally suited for industrial and building applications. For additional flexibility, the intuitive easySoft programming software comes with four programming languages as standard, including function block diagram (FBD) and structured text (ST). New helpful function blocks, such as the automatic e-mail notification, as well as the possibility of creating own function blocks facilitate the programming for each user.



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  • Maximum flexibility, with up to 11 local expansion modules per base unit
  • The 188 available inputs/outputs within a single easyE4 system provide coverage for a broad range of applications
  • A compact product with a large voltage range (DC, AC and UC)
  • Base units with different voltage types can be combined as required by means of the available expansion modules, which makes handling the easyE4 devices even more effortless
  • The integrated Ethernet interface allows for a broad range of communication options
  • A user-friendly programming environment with four programming languages (ST, FBD, LD, EDP) to choose from


Devices Digital I/O screw terminal
Inputs Digital 8
Analog Digital 0
Outputs Transistor 8
Relay (8 A) 0
Display without Display
Power Supply 12 Vdc; 24 Vdc; 24 Vac
Dimensions 2.81 x 3.54 x 2.28 inches (71.5 x 90 x 58 mm)
Voltage rating 24 V
Voltage rating 24 V
Voltage rating 24 V
Voltage rating 24 V
Voltage rating 24 V
Terminals Screw