ES9080 Non-contact Voltage Detector High Voltage

The Non-contact Voltage Detector High Voltage is safe and reliable with contactless design, which is used to check whether there is AC high voltage and low voltage. The instrument has the functions of sound prompt, light prompt, self check, compatibility with most insulating rods, etc. The whole machine is beautiful, high-end, wide range, easy to use, convenient to carry, high-precision, reliable, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability.

The Non-contact High Voltage Detector has IP65 protection grade and shockproof structure, which is suitable for the harsh working environment. It is suitable for the non-contact detection of live voltage, the detection of cable fault, the inspection and detection of live high-voltage cable, the tracking of field wires, the detection of residual voltage or induced voltage and other detection needs.

The Non-contact High Voltage Detector has 8 voltage detection levels, and the rated test voltage range is 380v-550kv.

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Function Voltage detection, cable tracking
Power Supply DC 9V(6F22 1PC)
Reference Conditions 23℃±5℃,Below75%rh
Voltage Ranges 380V;6KV;10KV;27.5KV;35KV;110KV;220KV;500KV
Measurement method Non-contact test
Ranges shift Manual shift
Wire location The measured wire is facing the side with lighting lamp
Instrument size 115mm (L)×115mm (W)×169mm (H)
protection class IP65
Indicating function Sound and light  Indicating  when the detection voltage exceeds the setting voltage
Power consumption Max:65mA
Weight 365g( Including battery )
Operating temperature and humidity -10℃~+50℃<85%RH
Storage temperature and humidity -15℃~+55℃<90%RH
Low battery indicating Have. When the power is low, the instrument emits a low-power light prompt
Battery voltage When the battery voltage drops to about 5.5V, the low battery voltage signal prompts to replace the battery
Safety regulations EN 61326-1 CISPR 11

EN 61000-4-2 EN 61000-4-3

EN 61000-4-8